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over 55 patents for invention


In the path of creation and innovation, Daye has devoted to the R&D of new products, diversifying the products range from single varieties to series and multifunction. Previously, we only have surface irrigation products, while now we have shifted our focus on underground irrigation. And our products application has been expanded from solely for family garden use to agriculture and forest irrigation. More and more intelligent and water-saving products like micro-drip series and micro-jet series are entering our product line, replacing simple and tradition ones. Currently Daye has formed a full product range including sprinkler series, hose series, connecting series, nozzle series, total 4 series and over 1000 items and owns more than 168 patents, including over 55 patents for invention. Now, with Daye's effort on R&D, we are seeing more and more tech talents joining Daye' s engineering team.

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